What our Staff Say

I have the best job in the world!

In 8 years at the Sixth Form, I have gone from A Level Tutor, to lead Internal Verifier, to Curriculum Leader and more recently to Teacher Development Leader. I’ve been challenged at every turn, and had the pleasure to work with extremely talented teachers and students. 

I’m working towards my Masters in Education, which was a college opportunity for my progression. I’m very proud of the college, and what I have achieved here.

Aly Spencer
Teacher Development Leader for FCAT

Blackpool Sixth’s core values are ingrained throughout the organisation and are evident in every employee that represents them on a daily basis. Blackpool Sixth truly cares about their employees offering constant support and guidance. I have a sincere sense of pride when I tell others, "I work for Blackpool Sixth”.

Andy Martin
Head of Estates

I have worked at Blackpool Sixth now for ten years and in that time the college has been completely transformed from a small sixth form college, housed in dated buildings to a much larger college housed in modern, impressive buildings with fantastic facilities.  I feel very lucky to work in such an environment and to have experienced this change.   

Everyone working at the college is very friendly and supportive and very conscientious in what they do – be it working directly with the students, or working more at the business end of the college.

Staff development here is taken seriously and staff are encouraged through performance reviews to enhance their own learning in areas that directly or indirectly relate to their own role to improve skills and understanding of the college business. 

I would recommend anyone thinking of applying for a role at college to do so.  The interview process allows candidates to get a real “feel” for the college.   It would be difficult not to be impressed!

Julie Ann Trainor
Personal Assistant

I enjoy being in a professional, yet friendly environment amongst like-minded people.  Students are at the heart of the organisation and that really shows through my colleagues’ work and attitudes.

Debbi Hodson
Head Of Learning Resources and Learning Mentors

Blackpool Sixth is a really positive place to work. There are many opportunities for staff to develop personally and professionally. In the short period of time I have worked at Blackpool Sixth I have completed a number of projects successfully and been able to see the impact of my work quickly on working to improve things at the college. 

Things matter to staff at the college and there is a culture of looking to continuously work to developing and improving things for students and staff alike.

Laura Ferris
Senior Human Resources Advisor


Absolutely the best part of my job is working with students – their humour, resourcefulness, sense and ambition are a delight, and I love making sure they have the right books, resources and ideas to help them study and think harder. We have developed a great collection of materials in the Library, and I really enjoy how the technology we use in college makes it easier for students to access all kinds of information.  I’m a qualified librarian, so my innate love of technology and geekiness are fully exploited here!

There is a very definite sense of vision in this college, so it’s easy to work out how you fit in, and how your work should be going.  Leadership and pride in your work are very definitely encouraged here, in whatever post you hold.  Staff support each other, and always offer advice and a helping hand.  The teams here work really hard to make sure everyone is looked after.

I’ve achieved a great deal here: I was supported by the college to complete my MA in Literature and the History of Ideas, and I’ve used what I learned over and over again in supporting English, REP, Sciences, Social Sciences, and especially in university applications.  I’ve also developed lots of strategies to support students one-to-one, and the coaching course the college provides is key to this. In addition, I’m a stickler for good spelling and punctuation, and love putting on quizzes to test the skills of both staff and students.

Helen Crowther
Library Manager

Working at Blackpool sixth has always been a privilege for me.  It is a place where you feel inspired, challenged and happy. It is a place where we are focused on success. We are very team-driven and work for the benefit of the students.  It was with the support of my department that I was recognised as the college’s outstanding teacher of the year in 2012.

Since I joined Blackpool Sixth in 2009 we have grown very quickly, and we continue to succeed because we stick to our core values, which allow us to rise to any challenge we may face.

We love what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our students. In fact, there has not been a single day I have not wanted to come into work and that for me is the mark of an exceptional working environment.

I am proud to be a part of Blackpool Sixth and determined to see that we keep on growing and keep on delivering great results for young people.

Matthew Speight
Classical Civilisation and History Tutor

I have been with the college for the whole of my teaching career, even completing my PGCE placement here. Since joining, I have been awarded lots of opportunities to gain experience in a wide variety of roles. English is my passion and I feel privileged to have been able to share that with so many young people over the years.

Estelle Bellamy
Head of English and Modern Foreign Language

The Sixth Form College runs a very successful staff development programme which helps all staff achieve, develop and progress within their individual careers. Since I began at the Sixth Form College six years ago, I feel I have been extremely well supported and given the opportunities to develop within my role. As a result I have worked hard to achieve the promotions I have received within the six years that I have been at the Sixth Form.

I have enjoyed all aspects of my job working with both staff and students alike. I find the most enjoyable element is building positive relationships with our diverse cohort of students. I feel it is extremely rewarding in supporting these students and helping them move onto the next part of their lives whether that be onto University or employment. 

Samantha Brown
Curriculum Leader in Business and IT